Sherpas poses unique characteristics that allow them to excel at landscaping and stone work

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Sherpas are Uniquely Qualified for Colorado Landscaping Projects

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What are Sherpas

Sherpas are roughly 150,000 strong and friendly people who inhabit the rugged mountain environment in the Solukhumbu valley district at the foot of Mount Everest in Nepal. This district consists of two regions connected by the Sun Kosi River, the Khumbu region and the Solu region. The valley is now a national park and Pangboche village, which is the oldest community, is the starting point for climbing Mount Everest. The word "Sherpa" originally meant "people from the East.


The Sherpa people are internationally recognized for their mountaineering and trekking skills and accomplishments, as well as their respect and care for the gorgeous and striking Himalayan mountain environment. Sherpas carved out a living for centuries by raising cattle, high altitude farming, weaving and wool spinning, and are known as tenacious, peace loving, self sacrificing guardian angels of Mount Everest climbers, and are held in the highest regard for the ease with which the handle the physical challenges of ascending the world’s tallest mountain peak. Puzzled by their strength and ability to carry weight respective to their height, scientific research was conducted to explore possible biological reasons for the Sherpas’ superhuman ability to master these difficult high altitude conditions. It turns our that after centuries of living in this harsh environment, the Sherpa population of the Himalayas has indeed evolved biologically to excel at these immense elevations. The Sherpas show genetic and physiological differences, such as their mitochondria having evolved to use oxygen much more efficiently, and that the blood flow within the small blood vessels known as micro-circulation was found to slow down in the non-Sherpa climbers, but remained normal in Sherpas.

How the being Sherpas Makes Us the Best Landscaping Company for You

As Sherpas we poses unique characteristics that allow us to excel at landscaping and stone work. Those traits make us who we are and are woven into our work and the way we do business. We grew up in the in the extreme environment of the rugged and stunningly beautiful Himalayan mountains and it has been scientifically proven we that are much stronger than our stature might suggest and we are remarkably well adapted to high altitude environments. This strength is blended with the calm grounded-ness of meditation and being rooted in nature. We are virtuous, hard-working, sturdy, undaunted, peaceful and brave and we adhere to a strict code of conduct. In Nepal we built impressive structures with only the rocks and materials that exist in the natural environment, with our talented craftsmanship and by using ways and skills handed down for centuries. We overcome obstacles with grace, agility and creativity to make our clients’ landscaping adventures the smoothest experiences they can possibly be.

About Lhakpa Tsheter Sherpa

Lhakpa Sherpa grew up in Nepal and began helping climbers with trekking and climbing the world’s tallest mountain peak, Mount Everest, right after graduating from high school. During this time, he met climbers from Golden Colorado and became friends with them. They invited him to visit them in Colorado and he fell in love with the state and the impressive Rocky Mountains, seeing many similarities to the Himalayan Mountains. He attended College in Colorado and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start three businesses, Sherpa Landscaping fourteen years ago, the Sherpa Brewery, and in 2009 the Sherpa House Restaurant in Golden Colorado, which provides an amazing cultural and culinary experience, is similar in layout and design to his house in Nepal, full of interesting Nepalese artifacts, and offers special ethnic food and treats.


Lhakpa Sherpa is passionate about landscaping and stone work and has been fascinated by rocks for as long as he can remember. He created his first structure, a miniature rock building, when he was around five years old, trying to imitate his father’s work, who was building larger structures with heavy stones. Lhakpa Sherpa says stone work is like art to him, he loves the infinite possibilities the varieties of shape, color, texture and hardness of rocks present and how that allows him to craft amazing artistic creations. He appreciates the zen-like state of mind rock work immerses him in when working with mortar or dry-stacking wonderful puzzles of rock into dazzling exquisite structures, and he loves the peace, harmony, balance and awe of nature they exude. Rock buildings have been around for centuries and stone and rock have been used by many cultures to build structures because it is such an abundant, useful, versatile and durable material. Those attributes are as true today as they were then and Lhakpa Sherpa expresses surprise that they aren’t used more today, especially in challenging climates like Colorado. He presumes that the nature of the work requiring unique skills and experience, is to blame for that, as they are harder to work with than square blocks for average-skilled contractors, but at Sherpa Landscaping, Nepalese Sherpa’s who have worked with stone since they were young, and who have climbed and trekked in difficult mountains like Mount Everest are right at home with this demanding task and with their extensive experience and exquisite masonry craftsmanship they are the perfect contractors to build you a patio, retaining wall, a rock garden, walkways, an outdoor kitchen and fire pit that will last for a life time. Sherpa Landscaping is bonded and insured and the work is guaranteed.


Lhakpa Sherpa is committed to giving back to the community and founded the charity ‘Hike for Help’ in partnership with the Colorado School of Mines. The goal of this non profit organization is to help impoverished regions in Nepal become self sustaining with projects that create sustainable development, like building the Pema Chholing Primary School hostel in Ghat, constructing the first coin operated public restroom on the Everest Base Camp Trail, restoring the trail between Lukla and Syanmga, establishing a primary care clinic in Hewa Thaksindu, clothing distribution to the Sano Gumela school, providing shoes for low income families in Chusarma, donating $50,000 to contribute to the construction of an earth quake proof building to house the Chaurikharka school and the erection of the first handicraft production building in Tok Tok. ‘Hike For Help’ coordinates cultural treks to the Solukhumbu valley in Nepal to provide support for local villages in their pursuit of development. Hike For Help volunteers bring skills and education to the people in the Solukhumbu value they otherwise don’t have access to.