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Climbing Mount Everest & Himalayan Landscaping Made Us Tough and Skilled Enough to Turn Any Colorado Property Into A Relaxing Joyful Magnificent Retreat

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Retaining Walls that Withstand The Test of Time

If your yard is sloped like many Golden backyards and front yards, or if you want to create a terraced design, a retaining wall needs to be part of your landscape remodeling plans. Retaining walls are the cornerstone of landscaping your property and can turn an unusable area that is of sloped, steep or uneven topography into usable space, thereby increasing the yard area you can enjoy with your family. Add an extra patio for seating under a gorgeous gazebo, create a practical outdoor kitchen or an exciting kids play area. You can also use retaining walls to elevate a patio or other space, like raising a planting box above its surroundings or we can create ornate and useful seating benches for you.


Dry stone retaining walls have been used around the world for centuries. They need to be visually appealing, in line with the overall design of your garden, and can be impressive works of art. They also need to be structurally sound to support the soil laterally. Soil has a natural tendency to move down-slope with gravity and pushes strongly against the retaining wall, so the structure needs to be properly engineered to do its job sufficiently.


It is also important that water drains properly, as the water builds up hydro-static pressure which can cause the wall to fail. Additionally you need proper trenching, a good base and the right materials and it has to be straight and level. We have decades of experience in building rock solid retaining walls in the challenging environment of the Himalayan mountains and we engineer and build walls that will withstand the test of time and the natural movement of the Colorado Rockies’ soil.


We are used to working with limited material choices in Nepal and are experienced in using any natural objects. We can utilize rocks or boulders you already have onsite by custom crafting them with an angle grinder into the perfect shape, thus saving you costly material bills. We believe your retaining walls should last for a lifetime and we bring our unparalleled experience, workmanship, skill and dedication to your project, large or small. We guarantee our work and are bonded and insured. Contact Sherpa Landscaping today to get started.


Pleasing Practical Walkways, Steps and Stairs

Walkways are an important part of any landscaping project. The give us a smooth easy to navigate level surface for moving around our yards, or they can be an extravagant focal point. We can create charming pathways that lead to your front door and transform the curb appeal of your home, add a walkway to your backyard to weave from the patio around lovely flower beds or to meander around a sensational rock garden.


A walking path gets a lot of traffic and needs to be well constructed to be durable enough to sustain that much activity. Stone walkways are very resilient and bring an enchanting look to your property. Sherpa Landscaping’s Sherpas are mountaineers from Nepal who have climbed Mount Everest and are experienced and talented in building solid stable and long lasting walkways that withstand the Colorado snow and ice, shifting soil, tree roots and abundant sunshine weathering, for many years. We can use materials you already have or beautiful Colorado flagstone, pavers or other natural materials like local granite pieces, to turn your yard in into a dazzling relaxing space.


Stone steps and stairs are an important design feature and a practical necessity in a sloped or mountainous yard or can be added to a terraced garden to create appeal and interest and make getting around easier and more comfortable. With the use of our angle grinder we can cut the perfect shape out of natural materials that may already be present on your property. Our masonry experience in the harsh climate of Nepal was a perfect primer for creating sensational landscapes in the Rocky Mountain gardens of Colorado. We can design and install any type of stairs and steps ranging from a couple of small steps descending from a retaining wall, all the way to grand entry hall staircases, and we can work with any budget and in any weather.

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Elgant Stone Patios

Enhance your yard’s look and function and improve your property value by adding a new stone patio. With proper planning and design Sherpa Landscaping makes sure that your patio will be the right size and shape so it can accommodate all your needs. We consider how many people you plan to host, the type of entertainment the patio needs to sustain, and we help you choose the perfect materials such as brick, tile, bluestone or precast concrete pavers, to make the patio blend well with your garden’s design and the look of your home.


A flagstone patio offers a natural organic look that harmoniously blends with the surrounding plants with its earthy tones of reds and browns and can be laid in a variety of interesting patterns. It is also very durable and low in maintenance.


A properly installed patio needs to be level enough for trouble free seating, yet have a minimal slope to adequately drain rain water and snow melt. A stone patio is the perfect support for a heavy hot tub and will withstand the water exposure much better than any wood decking. We believe your patio and walkways should endure the test of time.


Our experience with masonry work in the rugged Himalayan mountains has made us skilled and tough and translates well to the Colorado Rocky Mountain setting. We guarantee our work and bring unsurpassed talent, dedication and workmanship to your patio or walkway project. Contact Sherpa Landscaping today to get started. 


Radiant Warming Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

A custom fire place or fire pit can take your back yard from ordinary to extraordinary as everybody loves to congregate around a crackling fire. Your fireplace can become the heart of your garden with its coziness, lovely ambiance and warmth as your friends and family gather in comfort, sitting around a roaring fire, sipping a glass of wine, roasting marshmallows and are enjoying lively conversation and bonding. An outdoor firepit can extend the time you can spend outside in the evenings well into fall and bring the relaxing atmosphere of hanging out around a camp fire, the calming sounds, the exiting smells and wonderful sights of the light of the fire that you have enjoyed so much on your last camping trip right into your own backyard.


Fireplaces exude an artistic elegance and have a more formal look than fire pits. They blend naturally into the surroundings and can be constructed from materials right from your site, or we can use other commercial choices like brick, tile, concrete, stone veneer, stucco or pavers. The design choices are endless from towering chimneys to round, square or elongated shapes that extend right into your outdoor kitchen.


Fire pits provide a more casual atmosphere than fireplaces, both can be fueled by natural gas or propane, or they can be wood burning. The design choices and the material choices are nearly unlimited. They can be square, round, rectangular or of a more organic shape and the material choices range from granite, stone or marble to man made materials like like concrete, stone veneer, brick, tile, pavers or stucco.


At Sherpa Landscaping we have cut our teeth in the tough conditions of Nepal and built beautiful stone structures like fire places for decades, using only the natural materials the mountain environment provides and working in any climate. We are expert stone masons and are probably the only landscaping company that does not shy away from working in the dead of winter. Our experience, strength, grit, attention to detail and integrity makes us the perfect choice for installing your new outdoor fire place or fire pit properly and safely. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work. We collaborate with you to develop a design that fits your lifestyle, and matches your landscaping and the style of your home to create a striking addition to your patio. Call us today to spice up your evenings with an impressive fire feature from Sherpa Landscaping. (link to contact form or page).

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Water Saving Xeriscaping

Yes, it is called “Xeriscape”, which comes from the Greek word “zeros” meaning “dry”, not “Zeroscape or Zeriscape” and it is a stunningly beautiful way to landscape your yard that goes far beyond desert plants like cactus and succulents or mulch and rocks. Colorado’s climate is characterized as “semi-arid” or partial desert and supports many spectacularly attractive flowering plants in all colors of the rainbow, blooming ground covers, bushes and even trees that do very well with little or no supplemented water. More than half of the residential water in the western United States is used for landscaping. Xeriscaping means choosing native vegetation and plants that are well adapted to the local dry conditions. Whether you have water restrictions or want to lower your footprint on the earth and conserve water and resources, the choices available are practically endless. Ditching your water guzzling lawn can save you as much as 50-80% of water use and a well done xeriscaped yard can increase your property value by as much as 15%. It also comes with the added benefits of saving you time and money and being a very low maintenance landscape. Once established, you will likely only pull the occasional weed, run the drip system or soaker hose a few times a year and maybe trim a little.


Xeriscaping is a great way to enjoy many of the wonderful flowers, bushes and trees you relish on your hikes in the Colorado mountains and to bring this feeling of deep connection with nature into your own backyard. Examples of drought tolerant trees are red Maples, American Elm, Hawthorns, Sunburst Honey Locusts, Mugo Pine and the Leyland Cypress to name a few. Great choices for xeric shrubs are Virginia Sweetspire, Bayberry, Cotoneaster with it’s beautiful red berries, the Blue Star Juniper, Russian Sage and Butterfly Bush. Angelina Sedum or ‘Stonecrop’ is a lovely flowering ground cover or choose the white blooming Candytuft, the purple ice plant, the cobalt blue flowering Bugleweed ‘Ajuga’ or the brilliant red Chinese Lantern. Other great xeric plants are Zebra Grass, Red Bird of Paradise, Sunburst Honey Locust, and Lewisia.


In addition to plant selection you can also maximize water savings by grading and contouring your soil to take advantage of any available water, be it precipitation or supplemental, like working with gravity and grading at only a very small angle to have water gently flow towards plants and minimize runoff. If local regulations allow it, you may want to consider investing in a rain water collection system.


We begin the process by coming out to your property for an initial free consultation and with carefully planning for your new Xeriscape garden. We investigate the different areas of full sun, partial sun and shade. We study your topography, soil conditions and micro climate to ensure proper plant selection, and we plan irrigation zones so we can group plants with similar needs. We examine the soil to see if organic matter needs to be added to make the clay rich Colorado soil more oxygen rich and water absorbent. We cover any exposed soil with mulch to reduce evaporation and deal with weeds and erosion. If you have your heart set on a lawn, you do not have to give that up with Xeriscape, tall fescue or buffalo grass are very drought tolerant grasses and do well in the dry Colorado climate. There is some watering involved, but very little compared to a lawn. Sherpa Landscaping’s hard working and tough Nepalese Sherpas have comprehensive expertise and experience working in the harsh conditions of the Himalayan mountains and are the only company that will not hesitate to come out in any weather, even in the middle of a Colorado winter. We are skilled professionals and bring attention to detail, grit, perseverance, unparalleled workmanship and integrity to your Xeriscape endeavors. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work.


Click here ‘’ to check out Colorado Water Wise’ stunning demonstration gardens.


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Dazzling Water Features – Waterscape

Nothing soothes and calms more than the relaxing, serene and peaceful sound of running water. A water feature should be an essential part of any Colorado garden to offset the arid nature of our climate, and to bring the joy of sitting near a mountain stream after a thrilling hike home to your own backyard. When you are ready to add a little zen to your garden, the options for waterscaping your yard are practically limitless, ranging from simple fountains to grand spectacular waterfalls.


Water features generate a nurturing restful escape from it all and a joyful gathering place where you create wonderful memories as you sit with your family and friends around a beautiful koi pond, a spectacular fountain, or by a stream or waterfall, listening to the babbling brook melody in your backyard water paradise. Whether you have a small corner you would like to adorn with a cascading fountain, or a larger area that can accommodate a stream, pond or a waterfall, Sherpa Landscaping can custom craft an impressive water feature out of the rocks on your property or build a soothing tranquil pond with aquatic plants and fish that make up a balanced ecosystem which attracts wildlife and birds and is pleasing to look at.


Imagine sitting there after a long day of work, listening to the peaceful relaxing water flow and letting it gently wash the stress away. We build water features that are energy efficient, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. Water features are trending and will increase the value of your home. They can be a dazzling focal point, tie all the elements in your landscape together and turn it into a complete balanced ecosystem. Careful planing is needed to find the right location, and construct the ideal shape, design, look and sound.


Our expert Sherpas will come out to meet with you and view your yard, then spend time with you to listen to your needs and desires and consult to design the perfect custom waterscape that is uniquely tailored to your taste and lifestyle, and blends nicely with your landscape design and the style of your home. The right water feature looks completely natural and is low maintenance, like a meandering creek, pond or water garden that is a thriving sustainable habitat with clear water and the right ecological balance. It brings pleasant cooling to your yard on a hot summer day. Picture sitting by your enchanting colorful koi pond, soaking up the aroma of night blooming lilies and the meditative peace of the serene song of the flowing water. Contact Sherpa Landscaping today to get started.

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Efficient Irrigation

Water is the world’s most precious resource and is becoming increasingly sparse, so efficiency is king when it comes to irrigating your greenery. Landscaping is a significant investment in your property and irrigating well is not just essential to maintaining a healthy garden and to keeping your plants and lawns looking their best, it also protects your investment. Using less water is a budgetary concern as well as an environmental consideration. A poorly designed sprinkler system will not only waste a lot of water, but may over-water some plants while starving others, so before you install any irrigation it is important to thoroughly understand your landscape. When you over-water, the runoff carries away essential nutrients, can compact the soil and cause root disease. Sherpa Landscaping offers a free onsite consultation to evaluate your land and micro climate conditions, discuss your needs and develop a water efficient intelligent custom irrigation design. You may need either a sprinkler system or drip irrigation or you may need both in different areas of your yard. We apply sustainable practices and bring extensive expertise, skill, a reliable hardworking crew, know how and grit to your landscaping endeavors to keep your garden lush and green.

Lawn Sprinklers

Sprinklers work best for ground cover or lawns because those need an even distribution of water. For any other applications you will want to consider drip irrigation. As sprinklers run a lot of water in a short time and shoot large amounts of water into the air, a lot of water evaporates, especially when used in the middle of the day, so they are not the best choice if you wish to conserve water. A poorly designed system can lead to over-watering and excessive runoff and could be wasting as much as 50-70%. Sprinkler irrigation can be more complicated than the average lay person imagines and needs to be designed and installed properly to give you the best value. At Sherpa Landscaping we have considerable experience designing irrigation systems, thoroughly understand the mountain soil conditions and micro climate and we offer a free initial consultation. We begin by visiting your garden and examine the soil, slope, sun and shade conditions and vegetation and come up with a plan that adequately meets your needs. We make sure that you have sufficient coverage, but don’t spray over the boundaries or waste water in other ways. We ensure that your zones are fittingly laid out, that the right heads are used and that any digging minimizes damage to the existing plants. Rain sensors or water sensors and automatic timers tie the water wise arrangement together beautifully to create a pristine water-wise garden.

Drip Irrigation

Native plants in the arid Colorado climate do not need a lot of water once they are established and are sufficiently supplied with drip irrigation or soaker hoses. Drip irrigation is the perfect choice for gardens, plant beds, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials as it gives you absolute control over exactly how much water each plant gets and it is a water-wise intelligent way to irrigate. Flexible tubing is connected to individual drippers or emitters and they are placed at the root zone of each plant. This allows you to dispense a specific amount of water each time the system runs. To accommodate the needs of less or more thirsty plants you can choose different size emitters or even use mini sprayers for especially water needy plants like seedlings or annuals. Other benefits of drip irrigation are that water is delivered directly to the plants’ root system as opposed to sprinklers getting the foliage wet, which can make them susceptible to bacterial or fungal diseases. Water is delivered much more slowly which promotes absorption and leads to a healthier garden. Since drip systems water only each particular plant and not the space between them, it is less likely that you have to deal with weeds. It is important to plan a drip system carefully as many factors influence its success, such as considering soil condition for example, as in soils rich in clay, which are common in Colorado, water spreads out wider than in sandy soil. Sherpa Landscaping is intimately familiar with Colorado’s alpine conditions and we are experts at choosing the suitable irrigation for each plant. We begin with a thorough site evaluation and go over the details of your landscape and develop the right drip irrigation system to best fits your needs. Call Sherpa Landscaping today and schedule your free consultation. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work.


Expert Tree Service

Planting and Relocating

Planting a tree or several trees is a very exciting part of remodeling your yard. Trees bring so much joy and so many benefits like enhancing your property value, providing privacy, shading your home and lowering your power bills in the summer, reducing the impact of heavy rain on the vegetation below, creating cleaner air by releasing fresh oxygen year round and they add dazzling beauty and curb appeal to your garden, making them an essential element in any landscape. They can be a big investment, so it is worthwhile for every homeowner to ensure good tree care. When you call Sherpa Landscaping for help with your trees, we come out for a free consultation and begin by evaluating your topography, micro climate, sun and soil conditions. We can advise you on the best locations in your yard that will suitably support the tree or trees you have chosen. As Sherpas we have worked in the challenging Himalayan mountains and that has taught us what works best in alpine conditions like your Colorado mountain backyard. We can also move or transplant a tree that would do better in another part of your yard, or that you would like moved for any reason.

Pruning and Care

Trimming and pruning your trees is an essential part of maintaining your trees’ health and naturally beautiful appearance. It is an art and a science and if done wrong can damage the tree. Overgrown trees can cause a number of problems, from aesthetics when a tree grows asymmetrically to potential safety issues for your house or your neighbor’s home. Properly understanding the biology of trees is required when deciding which parts need to be trimmed to eliminate defects without stunting the tree’s growth and appearance. Sherpa Landscaping expertly shears your trees which leads to long living healthy trees because they are better able to resists insects, pests, tree diseases and storms, and they let more sunlight through to nurture the lower growing plants. Tree trimming can also be challenging if not dangerous work, especially when working with a large tree that requires heavy duty trimming like removing limbs with a chain saw. You should consider cropping your trees not just for health and longevity, but also when they get too close to the house or power lines, when you see damaged or unsightly branches, if they have not been trimmed in the last couple of years or if you would like the tree to have a more appealing shape. Our Sherpas can also help you with fertilization and make sure your trees are adequately irrigated. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work.

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